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The oil pump supplies oil under pressure to the most in-demand surfaces, as well as to the oil- purifying and -cooling facilities. Following the concept of dry-sump lubrication, the oil pump performs the function of pumping oil from the engine to the oil tank. There are two types of pumps: single-section pump and dual-section pump. The mission of the second section is to supply oil into the oil cooler.

All oil pumps consist of oil pump body, containing driver gear, drive shaft on which the driver gear is fixed, covers and plugs of the pressure relief valve. The driver gear rotates unhindered on the axis. By nature of management and control, oil pumps are adjustable and non-adjustable. Non-adjustable pumps maintain the same pressure due to the fact that the pump capacity changes. Oil pumps are divided in two types – rotor type pumps and gear type pumps.

The gear oil pump consists of a metal body with two sprockets – drive sprocket and idler sprocket. When the sprockets start to rotate under the influence of the drive shaft, oil interengages with the sprockets cogs and is transferred from the intake tube into the discharge duct and then into the system. The rotor type pump has a different structure – just like the gear type pump, it consists of a metal body with two bladed rotors inside of it. The inner rotor is called drive rotor, and the outer is called secondary.

When rotating, they carry along oil with their blades and direct it into the system.

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What you need to know about oil pump replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

Service life of the pump which is an important part of the engine lubrication system can significantly vary according to the car brand. Moreover, lifetime limit depends on quality of oil used and timelines of its replacement.

Low oil pressure can point at pump defect presence. The corresponding lamp on the dashboard or the on-board computer signalize about it. In case of oil pressure lowering, the further car exploitation can lead to engine damage. Automotive oil pump diagnostics should be performed at a service station. Timely revealed defect of this component will allow to avoid such problems as engine oil starvation, overheating of the piston block, engine jamming.

The oil pump should be replaced at a service station. To remove the component you need to drain oil and demount a number of elements including the engine crankcase.

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