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Cylinder head gasket: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace cylinder head gasket

There’s no certain lifetime limit at the end of which it is necessary to replace the cylinder head gaskets. Replacement is performed because of mechanical damage or burning-out of the components. Moreover, new gaskets are installed at every engine repair.

The main causes of the car part burning-out is overheating or detonation of the engine. The engine can overheat, particularly, because of low-quality fuel usage of some defects in the cooling system. Breakage of the cylinder head gasket is often caused by incorrect mounting of fixation elements of the cylinder head. Incorrect installation of the component during its replacement can also be the cause of its mechanical damages. Repeated installation of the gasket is impossible because of loss of its qualities after demounting.

You can notice detail defect due to the following signs: heavy white smoke from the exhaust pipe, loud sounds from the cylinder unit side which are caused by exhaust gases outbreak from under the head. The result of cylinder head gasket damage is unit depressurization. This, particularly can be detected by appearance of light additives in oil because of ingress of cooling liquid into the lubricating system. It is noticeable at oil level check: there will be stains of white emulsion on the oil dipstick.

As longevity of the cylinder head gasket mostly depends on correctness of its installation, replacement of this component is recommended to perform at a service station.

Moreover, removal of the cylinder head gasket is rather laborious process which in most cases requires demounting of auxiliary equipment. At gasket installation you should replace fixation bolts with new ones: they are not suitable for repeated use. You should screw fixation elements in strict order specified by the engine manufacturer and also following exactly set tightening torque.

How to select cylinder head gasket

According to production material cylinder head gaskets are divided into metallic and nonmetallic. The latter can be asbestos and asbestos-free. The metallic components are the most popular, particularly, due to their high durability and wear-resistance.

In order to have cylinder head gaskets serve for a long time, prefer products of proven manufacturers. Qualitative components are produced under Reinz, Triscan, Payen, Glaser and other brands. In the assortment of some brands such as Ajusa you can find engine gasket kits which are to be reasonably bought at overhaul of this unit.

The details should be selected in accordance with car manufacturer’s recommendations and the engine type. The components can significantly differ from one another by sizes, quantity and type of holes for fixation. You should also take into account thickness of components at replacement of cylinder head gaskets of diesel engines.

Advices for our customers

How to replace cylinder head gasket?

In order to replace the cylinder head gasket apply to a service station. Many car owners are in the wrong belief that it is easy to install a new component on your own. But here are facts that are necessary to know about cylinder head gasket replacement:

  1. The component is mounted in a hard-to-reach place, that is why, to get access to it, you will need to demount auxiliary equipment, including the timing belt and the air filter. Also you will need to drain liquid from the cooling system, disconnect pipes from the water pump, throttle unit, disconnect wires sockets from sensors, as well as the high-voltage wires from the spark plugs. It is easy to make a mistake during following reconnection of the hoses and sensors.
  2. Before unscrewing bolts for old gasket removal, you need to remove the pressure from the cylinder head, unscrewing the bolts according to a certain scheme by no more than a single turn.
  3. Tightening the bolts you need to follow the precise scheme using a torque wrench. Optimal tightening torque for exact engine type is always noted by the manufacturer in the vehicle instruction.
  4. New bolts are to be installed at replacement of the gasket.

How to examine cylinder head gasket?

It is quite difficult to examine the cylinder head gasket. Condition of the gasket can be precisely estimated only at its visual inspection. But for this you will need to remove the cylinder head, so replacement of the gasket will be necessary. Diagnostics of the component should be performed at a service station.

The next signs will help to suspect damaging of the cylinder head cover:

  1. white emulsion on the oil dipstick;
  2. white smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  3. oily stains in the expansion tank;
  4. traces of oil in the under-bonnet space;
  5. increasing of fuel consumption;
  6. lowering of engine power.

Many drivers are wondering, if it is possible to drive with a defective cylinder head gasket. Dangerous consequence of damaged component operation is engine breakdown.

What cylinder head gasket is made of?

Most of all, the cylinder head gaskets are more of metal, but seals made of an asbestos-free composite material. The metal gaskets are the most common, as they are notable for affordable price and durability. The asbestos-free ones provide more tight sealing and are notable for durability, elasticity, resistance to deformation, pressure, vibrations and high temperature, providing reliable sealing and serving long. But they cost more than the metal gaskets.

Cylinder head gasket at low cost: Top Spares

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Full Gasket Set, engine | REINZ 01-37045-01 Article №: 01-37045-01
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  • Installed thickness [mm] 1,57
  • Gasket Design Multilayer Steel (MLS)
  • Piston protrusion to [mm] 1,1
  • Piston protrusion from [mm] 1,01
  • Number of Holes 2
  • Condition  New
Gasket, cylinder head (ELRING, 366.670) -22%
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  • Engine Block Material Aluminium
  • Condition  New
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