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Inlet manifold gasket: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace inlet manifold gasket

Exact lifetime limit is not set for the inlet manifold gasket. Its replacement is performed at deformation, appearance of breakages or cracks. Also a new gasket should be installed at each demounting of the manifold, as at performing repair works on the assembly.

Deformation and damaging of the seal are the result of influence of high temperature on it, which occurs at engine overheating. And replacement of the manifold in assembly with the gasket can be required because of impact, for instance, as a result of a road accident.

The signs of inlet manifold gasket damaging are: unstable operation of the engine at start and idle running, excessive fuel consumption, decrease of torque. Defects in the inlet manifold can also be pointed out by the indicator on the instrument panel.

Replacement of the component has its peculiarities according to the car model, that is why it is recommended to apply to a service station for performing this work. So, for example, if the fuel injectors are built in the manifold, then, before starting the gasket replacement procedure, you need to release the pressure in the fuel system.

Before installation of a new gasket, you need to thoroughly remove remains of the old gasket and all contaminants from the manifold surface and the cylinder block. At necessity, the throttle seal is replaced together with the inlet manifold gasket.

How to select inlet manifold gasket

The parts are made of paper, metal, rubber, Paronite, cardboard. For example, the Paronite gaskets are affordable by price. And the metal ones are more expensive, but at the same time are notable for durability.

High-quality inlet manifold gaskets for various car models are produced under Ajusa, Elring, Febi Bilstein brands. Their products earned confidence of many car owners.

During selection of these parts you necessarily should consider the engine characteristics (type, displacement and power). The gaskets differ by length, thickness, width, design. The seals should be selected in accordance with the type and production material of the manifold. Moreover, take into account that quantity and shape of holes in the component should comply with the design of the manifold installed.

Inlet manifold gasket at low cost: Top Spares

Gasket, intake manifold (ELRING, 774.553) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold ELRING 774.553 Article №: 774.553
ELRING Gasket, intake manifold 774.553
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Gasket, intake manifold Elastomer (REINZ, 71-33109-10) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold REINZ 71-33109-10 Article №: 71-33109-10
REINZ Gasket, intake manifold 71-33109-10
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  • Material Elastomer
  • Condition  New
Gasket, intake manifold (ELRING, 915.769) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold ELRING 915.769 Article №: 915.769
ELRING Gasket, intake manifold 915.769
£ 0,99**
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Gasket, intake manifold (REINZ, 71-37713-00) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold REINZ 71-37713-00 Article №: 71-37713-00
REINZ Gasket, intake manifold 71-37713-00
£ 5,99**
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Gasket, intake manifold FPM (fluoride rubber), Upper (TOPRAN, 501 271) -28%
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TOPRAN Gasket, intake manifold 501 271
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  • Material FPM (fluoride rubber)
  • Fitting Position Upper
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Gasket, intake manifold (REINZ, 71-28917-00) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold REINZ 71-28917-00 Article №: 71-28917-00
REINZ Gasket, intake manifold 71-28917-00
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Gasket Set, intake manifold (ELRING, 228.680) -28%
original Gasket Set, intake manifold ELRING 228.680 Article №: 228.680
ELRING Gasket Set, intake manifold 228.680
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Gasket, intake manifold housing (REINZ, 71-38304-00) -28%
original Gasket, intake manifold housing REINZ 71-38304-00 Article №: 71-38304-00
REINZ Gasket, intake manifold housing 71-38304-00
£ 2,49**
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