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Camshaft is the main component of the VVEL that is used to synchronize intake and output, as well as strokes of its work. Today, almost in all modern automobile engines, the camshaft is located at the top of the cylinder head and is connected with a sprocket of the crankshaft, pulley, chain or timing belt. This allows it to rotate with a frequency twice smaller than the previous location version allowed. In short, the camshaft is the brain of the car engine that determines the character of the engine operation, namely the lifting speed and duration of valves opening.

Due to the fact that the cams match the number of both inlet and exhaust valves of the automobile engines, individual cam opens the valve, runs over the pusher lever and "runs away" from it. After this the return spring closes the valve. There are several configurations of the cylinders in the engine. In-line configuration has one pair of valves and one camshaft. V-shaped and opposite include one camshaft in the vee of the engine or two camshafts in the semiblock. The most serious problem with this part is sticking of valves. The reason for this is use of substandard fuel or problems with the valve springs. Also common causes of failure are malfunction of the hydraulic compressors and thermal gap.

If you need to replace the camshaft, it is not necessary to spend time for shopping or service centres. You will not only waist your time, but also will overpay for the part you need. It is better to visit our online shop. It offers our customers a large assortment of camshafts for any car brand. Order the part you need at a remunerative price. And we will make sure the delivery to be done in a short time. In addition to the camshaft, you can also buy other car parts such as shock absorber bearing, spark plugs or flange.

What is necessary to know about camshaft replacement: service life, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

The camshaft has no determined life span limit.

The component is replaced if necessary.

As a rule, the unit is subject to replacement in case if cam bearing journals and cam lobes are greatly worn out, there are scores and scratches on them, the surface under the gland sealing is worn away, holes for fasteners and pins are defective and keyways are damaged. The camshaft is also to be replaced if it is deformed or cracked.

Necessity of camshaft check is determined by unusual sounds such as noise and metal knocking from under the bonnet in different engine operation modes, too low pressure in the lubrication system and also power unit capacity loss.

Camshaft diagnostics should be performed at a service station because it may require demounting in order to find defects and estimate damage level. With the help of special equipment specialists estimate value of journals radial runout and also check the camshaft for deformation.

For camshaft replacement contact a service station because its installation and demounting usually requires removal of the cylinder head unit. In order to avoid other damages you need to thoroughly check the fuel, lubrication and cooling systems, replace working fluids, clean the cylinder head. In case of heavy wear it is recommended to install new rocker arms. In this case buying the camshaft kit is the most advantageous. After new component installation you should adjust timing system and auxiliary components.

Camshaft at low cost: Top Spares

Locking Cover, camshaft AAH (FEBI BILSTEIN, 32255) -27%
original Locking Cover, camshaft FEBI BILSTEIN 32255 Article №: 32255
FEBI BILSTEIN Locking Cover, camshaft 32255
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  • Thickness [mm] 14,8
  • Weight [kg] 0,02
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Camshaft Kit (ET ENGINETEAM, HV0341) -27%
original Camshaft Kit ET ENGINETEAM HV0341 Article №: HV0341
ET ENGINETEAM Camshaft Kit HV0341
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  • Material Cast Iron
  • for OE number 038109101R
  • Condition  New
Camshaft Bushes (KOLBENSCHMIDT, 77685600) -27%
original Camshaft Bushes KOLBENSCHMIDT 77685600 Article №: 77685600
KOLBENSCHMIDT Camshaft Bushes 77685600
£ 54,99**
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  • Standard Size [STD]
  • Component Number 72035600, 72036600, 72037600
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  • Quantity Unit Kit
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Camshaft (BGA, CS2300) -27%
original Camshaft BGA CS2300 Article №: CS2300
BGA Camshaft CS2300
£ 113,99**
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Camshaft ANU (FEBI BILSTEIN, 29852) -27%
original Camshaft FEBI BILSTEIN 29852 Article №: 29852
FEBI BILSTEIN Camshaft 29852
£ 167,49**
£ 122,27
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Over 100 items in stock
  • Length [mm] 425
  • Width [mm] 55,0
  • Weight [kg] 4,44
  • Observe service information
  • Condition  New
Camshaft Bushes (GLYCO, 73-4828 STD) -27%
original Camshaft Bushes GLYCO 73-4828 STD Article №: 73-4828 STD
GLYCO Camshaft Bushes 73-4828 STD
£ 11,99**
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  • Component Number 73-4828
  • Standard Size [STD]
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Camshaft Bushes (ET ENGINETEAM, LV0001) -27%
original Camshaft Bushes ET ENGINETEAM LV0001 Article №: LV0001
ET ENGINETEAM Camshaft Bushes LV0001
£ 40,49**
£ 29,56
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Camshaft Bushes (GLYCO, N147/5 STD) -27%
original Camshaft Bushes GLYCO N147/5 STD Article №: N147/5 STD
GLYCO Camshaft Bushes N147/5 STD
£ 48,49**
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Over 100 items in stock
  • Position / Degree 1-5
  • Component Number 73-3903
  • Standard Size [STD]
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