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Crankcase ventilation system: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace crankcase ventilation system

The crankcase ventilation system has no certain lifetime limit. Replacement of its components is performed when they are worn out. Thus, a new oil separator can be needed at membrane breakage. Replacement of air pipes is necessary in case of their mechanical damage, for example, when cracks appear on them. Moreover, new pipes are installed if old ones got hardened. Complex mounting of the system can be needed, particularly, at engine overhaul.

Defects of the oil separator and pipes often appear because of soiling with oil deposits. Also, causes of crankcase ventilation system elements breakdown can be use of low-quality greasing material, exploitation of the car at the defective engine.

Presence of the crankcase ventilation system defects can be detected by exhaust gases colour change. It happens when the oil separator is damaged and grease particles get into the combustion chamber. Also, in most cases at ventilation system soiling, oil leaks from the engine. Stains of working liquid can be noticed under the car. Moreover, engine power lowering can also point at defects of the ventilation system elements.

When replacing the crankcase ventilation system details you should take into account that the system should be pressurized.

All the pipes, oil separator and other elements should be securely fixed.

How to select crankcase ventilation system

Some manufacturers divide pipes into devices made for cold, hot or moderate climate. The components of the first type are characterized by frost resistance. According to production material oil separators can be plastic, steel or aluminum. The metal parts differ by durability and resistance to high temperatures influence. But the plastic oil separators are significantly cheaper, as a rule. At the same time, some cars construction presupposes use of only metal or plastic components.

Correct engine operation depends on quantity of crankcase ventilation system elements. Trust reliable car components manufacturers. Thus, the following ones showed themselves well: Febi Bilstein, Vaico, Meyle, Topran.

The hoses and pipes differ from one another by form, holes diameter, length and place of mounting according to the car constructional features. In order to correctly choose the spare part you should take into account the brand, model, configuration, production year of the car as well as the type, power and volume of the engine.

Crankcase breather at low cost: Top Spares

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Seal, crankcase breather Golf III (ELRING, 915.424) -19%
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  • for OE number 601 016 0163
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Oil Trap, crankcase breather Engine Side, with seal, Original VAICO Quality (VAICO, V10-0899) -19%
Oil Trap, crankcase breather | VAICO V10-0899 Article №: V10-0899
VAICO Oil Trap, crankcase breather V10-0899
£ 31,49
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Over 100 items in stock
  • Operating Mode Pressure Controlled
  • Part number of recommended accessories V10-3240
  • Weight [kg] 0,4998
  • Housing material Polyamid 6.6
  • Observe the vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Valve type Breather Valve
  • Seal Material FPM (fluoride rubber)/ACM (polyacrylate rubber)
  • Recommended replace interval [km] 60000
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with seal
  • Height [mm] 180
  • Length [mm] 184
  • Observe service information
  • Recommended replace interval [years] 3
  • Width [mm] 142
  • Fitting Position Engine Side
  • Supplementary Info Original VAICO Quality
  • Packaging width [cm] 11,8
  • Packaging height [cm] 28,3
  • Packaging Depth [cm] 15,5
  • Condition  New
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