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Engine and transmission mounts: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace engine and transmission mounts

The components are rather durable details and correctly work for more than 100 000 operational kilometers. It is recommended to perform their replacement as the malfunctions occur.

As a rule, necessity to install new engine or transmission mounts appears in case if old ones got depressurized, became stiff, cracked or delaminated, the aluminium carrier bracket or mounting holes got damaged. Often these defects are connected with driving in off-road conditions, aggressive driving style, especially sharp starts and brakings, hitting obstacles, oil, antifreeze or braking fluid getting onto the parts surface, temperature drops, low quality of engine assembling.

Engine mount defects are easily noticeable by vibrations which are felt in the cabin at car acceleration, by unusual sounds and pushes at engine start or gear shifting. Wear of the mounts is also characterized by knocking and extraneous noise which often appears at unevenness over-running.

In order to avoid other defects, the engine and transmission mounts are better to replace by kit.

How to choose engine and transmission mounts

Depending on construction there are rubber-metal and hydraulic mounts. The rubber-metal ones are a rubber damper which is put between two metal plates. They are the most common. They can have demountable and non-demountable housing. Their main advantages are construction simplicity, reliability and low price.

On some cars such as sports cars more stiff components are installed. Their construction includes polyurethane instead of rubber.

The hydraulic mounts are more modern. They consist of two chambers filled with special fluid and divided by the membrane, function of which is to absorb vibrations at idle. At accelerating when the engine works at increased rpm, damping is performed due to flowing of working fluid from one chamber to another. Stiffness of such mounts, as well as stiffness of the rubber-metal ones, is specified at manufacturing and is adjusted for the specific car model and is constant.

The hydraulic mounts can be equipped with the electronic control system. They absorb vibrations better at all the engine operation modes but are generally used on the expensive cars due to their high price. Such mounts are called active. Their stiffness changes smoothly according to the loads applied. Stiffness can be adjusted in several ways.

In order to have the engine mount function properly, you should prefer production of well-known manufacturers. The best of them are Febi Bilstein, Metzger, Mapco, Lemförder and others.

Moreover, when choosing a part, you should take into account the mounting side and location of components. Parts of different types may be installed at the top and bottom fastening points of engine and transmission. Choosing the damper for the two-piece mounts, pay attention to its length, outer and inner diameter, because correctness of component installation depends on these characteristics.

Advices for our customers

How to replace engine mounts on your own? How to understand that they need replacement?

It is not recommended to single-handedly replace the engine mounts, as during performing works corresponding skills and equipment will be required. The replacement itself may become quite laborious: in some cars it is necessary to lift the engine with the help of a jack, remove the radiator, the headlight and exhaust system elements.

The engine mounts can wear out unevenly: in the cars with transverse engine mounting the rear mount breaks down earlier than the front one; in cars with longitudinal – the left one breaks down earlier than the right one. In order to understand that the time for mounts replacement has come you need to visually inspect them. In most cars the upper mounts are easier to inspect from the under-bonnet space, the lower – from the car bottom side, for which a jack or a servicing pit will be necessary. The parts should be replaced if cracks, free play or leaks are found.

What mount types are used in gearbox?

A few types of the mounts are used for gearbox. They perform different functions. Rubber-metal or hydraulic mounts are used for fastening a gearbox to an engine and a car body. Their function is to provide reliable fastening of units and absorbing of vibrations, occurring during their operation. In construction of various car models different quantity of fasteners may be used, moreover, the lower transmission mount concurrently performs function of the rear engine mount. For providing of a movable connection of the gear lever, torque rod and the shift rod, a shifter mount also known as lever mount is used. In fact it is an outer holder for a lever pin. The pin and the mount form a ball joint.

At which defects should transmission mount be replaced?

The transmission mount should be replaced at appearance of such defects as component free play, its exfoliation, cracking or elasticity loss of a rubber damper, deformation or breakage of an aluminum bracket. The hydraulic mounts are to be replaced in case of body pressurization failure, and the ball lever mounts – at wear of a plastic insert of the holder. Defectiveness of the parts can be noticed by the following signs:

  • free play and falling of the lever;
  • vibrations and knocks to the gearbox selector at irregularities overrunning;
  • strange sounds in the front car part, especially at start;
  • leaks of hydraulic fluid on surfaces of the parts (useful for hydro-mounts).

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