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The engine control unit is a key element of the entire engine control system - a kind of automotive "brains." It receives information from all input sensors, processes it according to a specific algorithm and organizes the control actions on the actuators of various systems of the engine. The use of electronic control is able to optimize the main parameters of the engine for different operating modes: torque, power, fuel consumption and emitted gas composition.

Electronic engine control unit connects hardware and software. Analog signals of sensors are transformed into digital signals, received by the microprocessor, using the analog-digital converter. In most cases, the electronic control unit must provide such control actions that are performed using the analog-digital converter. The electronic control unit can perform following functions: control of ignition, throttle control, including idling, fuel injection control, regulation of the composition of emitted t gas, coolant temperature regulation, valve control timing and so on.

The engine control unit communicates the received data to all the electronic systems of the vehicle: anti-lock-brake system, system of passive safety features, automatic transmission, anti-theft system, climate control system and others.

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What you need to know about engine control module replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations.

Operational lifetime of the engine control module is not specified.

The unit is replaced at appearance of defects.

Quite often this component loses operability due to corrosion, short circuit, mechanical and thermal damages. The same defects, leading to unit replacement, are common for the glow plugs control module, and the air-conditioner and heater control module.

“Check Engine” activates at defectiveness of the electronic module. Consumption of fuel increases, automatic transmission operation worsens, moreover, the vehicle may fail to start. Also engagement between the control module with the injection and ignition systems, cooling, fuel, intake, exhaust and other systems may be troubled.

Inspection of the component lies in computer diagnostics, which is performed at a service station with the help of special equipment. It presupposes decoding of error codes, which are stored in the control module.

Replacement of the component is also performed at a service station. Regardless to where the control module is located: under the seat or behind the dashboard, the procedure starts with battery disconnection. After this, a defective module is disconnected and a new one is installed to its place. Then, with the help of special tools, adjustment of electronic module parameters if performed for exact car model in accordance with vehicle technical documentation. Replacement of other control modules: heater, glow, cabin fan regulator – should be performed at a service station also.

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