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Traction control prevents absolute wheel lock while braking. This allows the vehicle to maintain stability during motion, in unfavorable conditions, such as gravel, ice, wet asphalt, snow, where adhesion reduces the braking distance. Apart from that, the vehicle equipped with ABS remains manageable even when the brake pedal is squeezed at the maximum. ABS is a mechanism with sensors that monitor rotation speed of the wheels and vehicle speed.

Once the sensors detect that one or more wheels are not rotating, and the car continues to move - this means the wheels were locked. At the same time the brake system receives a signal meaning braking pressure decrease, and the wheels are immediately unlocked. The whole ABS work is reduced to the braking-analysis-unlocking of wheels. The more often this cycle is repeated, the more efficient is the braking process.

ABS sensors are mounted into the two front wheels and one more sensor located in the area of the rear axle gear. Front wheel hubs of cars, equipped with ABS, have a special design, which is not compatible with conventional cars, not equipped with ABS. The same goes for the rear axle gear boxes. The sensor consists of several parts - rotor and stator. The rotor is located on the rotating part and looks like a gear. The stator - is an electromagnetic coil with a magnet that, in fact, is called sensor. When you rotate the wheel, the sensor generates electrical impulses. The number of pulses per time unit reflects the speed of rotation.

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What you need to know about ABS sensor replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

Manufacturers do not specify a certain lifetime limit for the wheel rotational speed sensor.

The main causes of its breakdown are breakage of connection wires or inner winding, connector corrosion, mechanical damages.

A continuously active indicator of ABS defect points at breakdown of the wheel rotational speed sensor. Moreover, the system doesn’t work or turns off randomly. If after self-diagnostics the ABS system finds fault but continues working, then defect cause can be the wheel rotational speed sensor or the lateral acceleration sensor which are used in the stability control system.

Precise estimation of ABS sensor condition can be given only by service station specialists after performing computerized diagnostics. Moreover, diagnostics may presuppose measuring of resistance and voltage in the system. Also, value of the gap between the sensor and the toothed rotor is measured and then compared with the value set by the manufacturer.

In order to replace the component located on the front wheel you need to unscrew the ABS sensor fastening bolt and remove it from the hole in the front suspension steering knuckle. Then you should extract the sensor wiring harness from the front suspension strut mounting bracket, screw out the mounting bracket, take wires aside and disconnect the wire harness connector. After that remove the broken down component and install a new one. For rear wheel sensor replacement you need to demount rear door sill cover and take the wire harness connector out of the hole in the car body panel. Then screw off the fasteners of the sensor and wires and remove them, as well as the sealing plug. Replace the component and perform assembling in the reverse order.

Advices for our customers

Can one repair ABS system with his own?

A restoration of ABS system operability by your own is possible only if its defects are caused by breakdown of wheel speed sensors. They operate in aggressive conditions, are apt to effect of moisture, gritting salt, mechanical damages, fouling and are most vulnerable elements of the ABS system.

Sometimes, for restoration of sensor operability, it is sufficient to clean the sensitive element from accumulated dirt. In case of more serious damages, components are to be replaced. It is not recommended to repair the control unit or back pump of ABS by your own efforts: this process requires specific skills and it should be entrusted to professionals.

How to check the ABS sensor?

Operability of the ABS sensor can be checked with the help of a multimeter and repair cables with special sockets. To do this, you need to perform the next actions:

  1. Lift the car from the needed side and fix its position with the help of pillars or lift.
  2. Demount the wheel, if necessary.
  3. Remove the protective cover from the ABS module and remove the sensor socket.
  4. Connect the repair cable to the tester, and then the sensor.
  5. Measure resistance and compare with data, noted in technical documentation of the vehicle. Operability of the components is indicated by resistance equal to 650-1350 Ohm.
  6. Rotate the wheel with 1 rotation per second speed. The multimeter should indicate voltage in range of 0.25-1.20V.

Search for tutorial videos for more details about check performing.

How to remove the ABS sensor?

In order to remove the ABS sensor, you need to lift the car with the help of a jack, dismantle the wheel, unscrew bolts which fasten a caliper to a hub, and then fix its position using a wire. Then, you need to demount the braking disc and pads, to gain access to sensor fastening location.

The component and its retaining bolt should be cleaned from dirt and wiped dry. To remove stuck fastenings, use the special product for rust removal, for example, WD-40 or braking liquid.

Carefully grasp the metal housing with pliers, and remove it slowly tilting. Disconnect the socket of the components from the car electric system.

In many cars it is located under a rear seat. Push out the wire and the rubber seal, then, disconnect it from the body bottom. In some vehicles, the ABS system sensor can be removed without demounting of the wheel and braking system elements, because its fastenings are mounted outside of all mechanisms.

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  • Number of Poles 2
  • Overall Length [mm] 900
  • Fitting Depth [mm] 32
  • Socket colour Blue
  • Number of mounting bores 1
  • Condition  New
Sensor Ring, ABS Rear Axle, 79,5mm, for wheel bearings/wheel hub (RIDEX, 2254S0016) -28%
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  • Fitting Position Rear Axle
  • Inner diameter [mm] 61
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2 for wheel bearings/wheel hub
  • Number of Teeth, ABS ring 43
  • Diameter [mm] 79,5
  • Condition  New
Sensor, wheel speed Front axle both sides (RIDEX, 412W0015) -28%
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RIDEX Sensor, wheel speed 412W0015
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Sensor, wheel speed Front axle both sides (RIDEX, 412W0005) -28%
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  • Fitting Position Front axle both sides
  • Length [mm] 990/400
  • Sensor Type Inductive Sensor
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  • Fitting Depth [mm] 39,5
  • Number of occupied pins 6
  • Condition  New
Sensor Ring, ABS 83mm (MAXGEAR, 27-0296) -28%
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