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The brake master cylinder is a necessary part of the hydraulic brake. It is usually attached to the vacuum brake booster. And above the brake cylinder is located a translucent polyethylene tank with a regulator of level of brake fluid insufficiency. On the tank there are markups for minimal and maximal fluid levels. Depending on the design of the vehicle, the brake fluid reservoir can be mounted separately from the brake cylinders and attached to the body in the compartment under the car hood.

Brake master cylinder is required in order to convert the force applied to the brake pedal into extra brake fluid pressure for its subsequent transfer through the brake system. If you want to check out the functioning capacity of the master brake cylinder, look at the brake fluid level. The main brake cylinder determines the joint of the hydraulic drive circuits. The brake cylinder contains two pistons. At its bottom there are a few bolts that restrict their motion. Each valve is responsible for the pressure in a separate circuit. If, for some reason, one of the circuits does not work, the second loop still continues to function, thereby braking the car, though less efficient.

The most serious malfunction of the brake cylinder is considered the loss of impermeability. In this case, the brake cylinder starts leaking, and it's not difficult to see. The liquid flows over the body of the vacuum booster, and, consequently, its level in the tank decreases. And then it needs repair or even replacement of the brake cylinder. You can acquire it in our online store.

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What is necessary to know about brake master cylinder replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

The brake master cylinder has no specific lifetime limit. Replacement of the unit is required at its inner surface damage, for example, at appearance of cracks on it. Mostly, these defects are the result of component wear.

Unit defectiveness is indicated by decreasing of brake pedal resistance and the situation doesn’t change after braking system bleeding. Also, leakage of braking fluid indicates the defect. Depressurization of the cylinder can be detected by appearance of oil leaks on the calipers, braking hoses, on the brake vacuum booster housing. Moreover, leakage can be suspected by lowering of braking fluid in the system.

Diagnostics starts from studying the dashboard readings: a special indicator signalizes about problems in the braking system. Then, you can visually inspect the cylinder housing. It is necessary to check it for appearance of braking liquid leaks. Special attention should be taken to spots of connection of pipes with circuit outlets. Also you should visually inspect the housing for presence of mechanical damages.

For more detailed diagnostics of cylinder condition you need to apply to specialists. It is also recommended to perform replacement of the unit at a service station.

Advices for our customers

Is it possible to replace brake master cylinder on your own?

It is strictly prohibited to replace the brake master cylinder on you own if you don’t have corresponding experience: improper installation can cause full breakdown of the brake system. Moreover, it is advisable to replace brake liquid during works performing, and bleed the brake system in a mandatory manner after installation is finished. It is quite difficult to manage this work single-handedly, as bleeding of the system is performed according to a specific scheme, starting with the rear wheel, the most distant from the master cylinder and finishing with the front one, the closest to it.

In some cases, you can manage without cylinder replacement, contenting with unit repair. Often, operability of the component can be restored with the help of a repair kit. It includes seals, dust boots, pistons, o-rings, protective caps, return springs, piston seats and other parts. Thus, demounting of the brake master cylinder is required for installation of the repair kit, it is advised to perform restoration works at a service station.

The most common signs, indicating necessity of replacement or repair of the component are brake pedal work travel increase, braking efficiency lowering and brake liquid leakage.

Brake master cylinders of which brand are better to select for your car? How many brake cylinders does my car have?

It is better to select for your car brake master cylinder of such well-known firms as Brembo, Stark Professional Line, Metelli, Textar, ABS, TRW, ATE, Triscan, Bosch, LPR, ERT, Frenkit, FTE, Magneti Marelli. Their production is made of high-quality raw materials according to the modern technologies, undergoes testing at all production stages and is notable for reliability and durability. Moreover, in the assortment of these manufacturers you find not only wide range of brake master and slave cylinders, but all other parts for the brake system: pistons, dust boots and guides for the front and rear brake calipers, pads, discs, seals, hoses, pipes, fittings and other elements.

To learn how many brake cylinders are installed in your car, you need to understand its brake system construction. There is always only one brake master cylinder, while quantity of its slave cylinders vary according to combination of brake mechanisms and quantity of pistons in each caliper. The minimum quantity of brake slave cylinders in a car is 4.

How to examine operation of brake master cylinder?

Operation of the brake master cylinder can be checked with the help of a special stand, which can be easily found at a service station. Diagnostics lies in creation of working pressure inside of the cylinder. Naturally, it should be maintained at the same level during 7-10 seconds after reaching of working point. Abrupt lowering of pressure points the fact that hermeticity of the brake master cylinder is violated. For further inspection the component is disassembled. Defective pistons and destructed seals are replaced with new ones. But if there are cracks, shears, scratches or other damages on the body or cylinder face, replacement of the whole unit is necessary. During performing of repair or replacement works of the unit it is advisable to inspect operability of other hydraulic drive elements, particularly, pipes and brake mechanisms of the front and rear wheels.

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  • Diameter [mm] 19
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Brake Master Cylinder for right-hand drive vehicles for vehicles with duplex brakes (LPR, 6706) -28%
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  • Bore Ø [mm] 19,05
  • Brake System Bendix
  • Thread Size 10 x 1,25 (3)
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Brake Master Cylinder WL Fully Automatic All-wheel Drive for vehicles without ABS for left-hand drive vehicles (BREMBO, M 85 035) -28%
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  • Material Cast Iron
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  • Brake System ATE
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Brake Master Cylinder 22,2mm (TRW, PMH432) -28%
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LPR Brake Master Cylinder 1206
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  • Bore Ø [mm] 25,4
  • Thread Size 1/2 20 UNF (1)
  • for article number 1206
  • Single/Dual Circuit Brake System 1
  • Condition  New
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