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Parking brake system, which is equipped with a mechanical drive, acts directly on the rear wheels brakes. Parking brake cable consists of several components: lever, adjusting thrust, drive cables, brake shoes actuator arms, equalizer and expanding bars with a built-in mechanism for adjusting the clearance between the shoes and the drum. Parking brake system prevents movement of the car when stopping.

The parking brake is regulated through a system of ropes and works on the rear wheels. Because disc brakes are not very suitable to use the parking brake, on rear wheels there are mounted drum brakes. Drum brakes are actuated only by a foot park brake lever. When the driver presses the parking brake pedal, there is a tension of the front brake cable. This leads to automatic transmission rope equalization. Each brake cable is laid from the equalizer to its brake mechanism of the rear wheels. When the rope stretches, brake shoes are opened with an actuating lever towards the walls of the brake drum. As a result, rear wheels braking occurs. If the ropes are used, this requires frequent adjustment, because the ropes stretch from time to time.

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What you need to know about parking brake cable replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

Parking brake cables do not have specified lifetime limit and are to be replaced in case of breakage, movability lowering, abrasive wear, corrosion and wear-out of the fasteners.

Parking brake cable defects are manifested in the following – after parking brake lever raising, rear wheels fail to lock.

Their unlocking can also fail after lever lowering. Moreover, the lever can be jammed.

Defects diagnostics of any parking brake cable should be performed at a service station. Specialists will set the car onto a lifting platform and inspect the component for defects. Moreover, they will check parking brake cable tension.

Replacement of the parking brake cable kit should be also entrusted to service station specialists. For performing the procedure you need to demount rear wheels and brake drums. Then specialists will unscrew cables fasteners and the nut of the equalizer, and then disconnect the ends of the parking brake front cable and of rear ones if they are present. Defective cables are taken out of the rear wheels brake backplates and then new ones are installed. After installation of new parking brake cables, adjustment of equalizer tension is performed in accordance with recommendations of vehicle technical documentation.

Advices for our customers

How to replace parking brake cable? Is it possible to repair parking brake cable?

Apply to a service station in order to replace the parking brake cable: it is quite a laborious process which requires certain skills. It is very important to properly adjust tensioning of new parts after their installation. The replacement procedure may vary in accordance with parking brake system construction. Exact instruction can be found in the vehicle operating manual.

Repair of the parking brake cable is not performed. At occurrence of any defects, such as cable housing cracking, cable tearing, jamming, the part is to be replaced.

What is the structure of the parking brake cable?

The parking brake cable has the following structure: the cable itself is located inside of a multilayered housing made of durable and elastic polymeric material; the cable is braided of steel fibers. Length of the part housing is shorter than the length of the component itself; due to which movability of the mechanism is provided. Cable ends are connected to the both tips of the cable, with the help of which fastening of the component to brake mechanisms or brackets of the car body is performed. At activation of the system, the cable is tensioned and transmits corresponding force to the lever through which the brake shoes are pressed to the drum. They return to the initial position under the influence of a return spring. In the parking brake system of modern cars different quantity of the parking cables can be used. The most common combination: one front cable and two rear ones, connected to each other with the help of an equalizer.

How to perform adjustment of parking brake cable on your own?

It is not recommended to perform adjustment of the parking brake cable on your own. Efficiency of the whole system depends on correctness of adjustment. For adjustment of component tension, there is a special nut in the brake system construction. Specialists of a car service station will adjust working length of the cable by screwing this nut for a specific quantity of turns. Most often, adjustment of component tension is necessary in two cases: if the cable is stretched in course of time, or the brake shoes are worn out.

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