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Mitshubishi Group is a world-known Japanese car company. It was founded in 1870 by Yataro Ywasaki. In the early twentieth of the century until the Second World War, Mitsubishi became a huge company, belonging to one family. After the war the company was reorganized, resulting in 44 newly appeared independent firms. In the 70s Mitsubishi vehicles have become very popular in Japan. A few years later they began to conquer the whole world. It has long been known that Mitsubishi cars are the embodiment of innovation and quality, tested during decades.

Three diamond-shaped marks in the logo symbolize responsibility, honesty and willingness to cooperate. These three concepts made the Japanese company one of the leaders in the global automobile industry. Each of the Mitsubishi models offers reliability, power, comfort and driving facility. Mitsubishi Motors has a lot of significant victories and achievements, including the car design field. Mitsubishi's leading technology, quality, comfort and the high level of safety made out of its vehicles a strong competition for the best world-class cars. Mitsubishi means character, style and way of living!

The word Mitsubishi is being associated with powerful, reliable, comfortable Japanese cars. But do not forget that even the most modern car needs maintenance and repair. If you need spare parts for Mitsubishi cars, you can purchase them in our online store. We have the lowest prices and the delivery times are the shortest. Apart from Mitsubishi spare parts, you can also get replacement parts and car components for such leading European car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Citroen and Opel.