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Our online-store offers replacement parts for numerous BMW models and from different manufacturers. We consistently pay great attention to the quality of parts. Our spare parts meet the highest expectations. The level of original equipment quality became a standard by which we appraise every BMW article. Searching for the appropriate spare on our website is a quite simple procedure. You only need to know your BMW model, and sometimes the engine features. Knowing this, you will only need a few seconds to find the required spare part.

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BMW – Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke) of today is not only carmaker, but also manufacturer of engines, motorcycles and even bicycles. The company was founded by merging several other companies Rapp Motoren-werke and Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik. Due to financial difficulties arisen in the late 50's was considered the selling of a controlling block of shares of BMW to another concern – Daimler Benz. However, the main shareholder, Herbert Quant refused to sell his own shares. In the mid-50 's the company beats the crisis and focuses on middle-class consumers. In the same time, BMW produces sports cars, which take part in various exhibitions.

At the time being the company's factories are located not only in Germany (Regensburg, Dingolfing, Leipzig and Munich), but also beyond its borders throughout the world - in Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand and India. BMW cars – is the choice of successful individuals who clearly know what they want. This is the choice of those who appreciate strict style combined with modern technology, comfort and practicality with an avant-garde design and excellent dynamics. BMW is a car for those, who can afford a little more than the average. All the cars of this brand will underline the individuality of its owner, refresh his image and tell everything about his status.

To buy spare parts for these cars is not quite affordable. The cost of parts such as brake pads and shock absorbers in service-centers or repair-shops could be an unpleasant surprise. We offer all the necessary parts in our online stores at low prices. You can also order parts for BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi.

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