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CHRYSLER Corporation was founded by the famous engineer and businessman Walter Chrysler in 1924 as a result of reorganization of two American companies. In 1928 Chrysler buys the Dodge Company. This is the main factor that brings Chrysler on the first position among the many major car companies of the United States.

Chrysler is one of the biggest American automobile corporations. Recently, it joined the Fiat Group. The General Manager is Sergio Marchionne, he runs the entire company. About 20 percent of the Fiat shares are owned by Italy, about 3 percent belong to the Government of the US and Canada. And the rest of the shares are accounted to the pension fund of the automobile industry of the US. Chrysler headquarters are located in Highland Park (USA). The company is developing Chrysler cars, Dodge trucks and passenger cars, pickup trucks as well as all kind of spare parts. The Chrysler factories are equipped with technical innovations of the new generation.

Chrysler cars are the embodiment of the American dream – fast, elegant, economical and technically perfect; they became long ago a symbol of speed and authority. In all the years of premium cars production Chrysler proved to be an innovator in the car manufacturing industry. For example, the air-cooled braking system and a V-8 twin engine were used for the first time by Chrysler. But let's not forget that even the most modern car needs maintenance and repair. If you want to buy parts for Chrysler cars, you can purchase them in our online stores. Our prices are the lowest among most of the suppliers and the delivery time is very short. Apart from Chrysler parts, you can buy technical devices of the leading European manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and Citroen.