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Alfa Romeo is an Italian carmaker, founded in 1910, which produces high-class sports cars and other vehicles under the brand name “Alfa Romeo”. At the moment when the whole Europe was suffering under economic crises, the company continued to work tranquilly on new vehicles. We are talking about another well-known model 8S2300, equipped with an 8-cylinder engine capacity of 2336 cm3 and a compressor with a power not less than 140 horsepower.

1930 was a very fortunate year for the Alfa Romeo Company, especially in the business field. Apart from the fact that the company was oriented to the motorsport, it began an intense struggle to attract ordinary customers, because all of its former products were still designed for very wealthy clients. Consequently the sales departments were completely re-organized. In the same period representative offices were opened in France, England, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

The staff had to organize the service and sales of Alfa Romeo products and start advertising benefits and sport achievements of the company. Family cars and their racing modifications, developed by the company's specialists during the last century, have always attract and continue to do so the attention of fans and admirers of luxury and high-class driving. Alfa Romeo is the kind of car, which makes you fall in love with itself. If you need to buy parts for this car, the best option would be to order them in our online-store. We have the most affordable prices and the shortest time of delivery. You can also purchase items for cars like Daewoo, Ford, Land Rover and Skoda.