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The drive shaft is the most irreplaceable spare part of any all-wheel or rear-wheel drive car. The function of the drive shaft is considered the transmission of torque from one unit to another. Therefore, in the manufacture of drive shaft and the drive gear it is necessary to consider all the conditions of functioning. The design of the drive shaft comprises two hinges, which are connected with each other by a movable splined connection. Drive shafts and drive gears get often disbalanced. Disbalance is a quite dangerous phenomenon that affects all of the rotating mechanisms, as well as drive transmission.

The first sign of disbalance is considered the raising of vibrations, which can increase as well as decline. It can cause the auxiliary load on the transmission parts associated with the drive shaft, fact that can reduce their service life. The parts with the highest wear out possibilities are the bearing flange, the shank reduction gear and the variable gear box. The main causes of disbalance: the manufacturing inaccuracy of some parts of the drive shaft, the diversity of the part`s material and its non-uniform density, the presence of gaps in the joints of the parts and their assembly mismatch, inaccurate alignment of mating parts, shaft deformation under mechanical and thermal processing, and so on.

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