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Differential casing: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace differential casing

This component has no exact operational lifetime. The differential casing should be replaced at mechanical damages or its surface deformation. Moreover, spline connections of the part often break due to corrosion.

Component deformation often occurs due to defect of the bearing or its mounting seat wear-out. Sometimes, component integrity violation is the result of extreme driving style. Corrosion damages of the differential casing are the result of moisture effect.

Damaging of the part is usually pointed out by screeching or humming from the differential, which appear at cornering. Driving is impossible if the component is totally broken.

Replacement of the differential casing should be performed at a service station. First, this will require disassembling of the gearbox or the final drive gears and the differential. Specialists will also inspect other gearbox elements, and perform their replacement if necessary.

Adjustment of differential bearing position will be required after works finishing.

How to select differential casing

These parts are made of various materials. Usually, manufacturers use aluminum or cast iron. The aluminum parts are lightweight, thus providing more efficient operation of the transmission. Vehicle differential casings can be different one from another by construction: there are assembled and one-piece ones. The components of the second type are usually used in passenger cars.

Operational lifetime of the parts greatly depends on a manufacturer. For example, high-quality components are made under DT brand.

During spare part selection you need to take into account the brand, model and production year of the car, and its drive type. Particularly, you can buy the differential casing for installation in the front or rear axle. The part should comply by splines size, and correspond to the type of a differential mechanism used in the car.

Differential at low cost: Top Spares

Mounting, differential MT (FEBEST, TMB-KLH12) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST TMB-KLH12 Article №: TMB-KLH12
FEBEST Mounting, differential TMB-KLH12
£ 38,99
£ 31,97
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Weight [kg] 0,462
  • Packaging length [cm] 7,0
  • Packaging width [cm] 6,5
  • Packaging height [cm] 6,5
  • Condition  New
Mounting, differential (FEBEST, CRAB-044) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST CRAB-044 Article №: CRAB-044
FEBEST Mounting, differential CRAB-044
£ 26,49
£ 21,72
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Weight [kg] 0,261
  • Packaging length [cm] 6,7
  • Packaging width [cm] 6,7
  • Packaging height [cm] 5,3
  • Condition  New
Mounting, differential Rear Fitting, Left (FEBEST, MM-CU5WRL) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST MM-CU5WRL Article №: MM-CU5WRL
FEBEST Mounting, differential MM-CU5WRL
£ 47,99
£ 39,35
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Fitting Position Rear Fitting, Left
  • Weight [kg] 1,989
  • Packaging length [cm] 16,0
  • Packaging width [cm] 11,0
  • Packaging height [cm] 11,0
  • Condition  New
Mounting, differential Right, Rear Fitting (FEBEST, MM-CU5WRR) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST MM-CU5WRR Article №: MM-CU5WRR
FEBEST Mounting, differential MM-CU5WRR
£ 47,99
£ 39,35
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Fitting Position Right, Rear Fitting
  • Weight [kg] 1,972
  • Packaging length [cm] 17,5
  • Packaging width [cm] 11,5
  • Packaging height [cm] 7,5
  • Condition  New
Mounting, differential Automatic Transmission (FEBEST, NAB-283) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST NAB-283 Article №: NAB-283
FEBEST Mounting, differential NAB-283
£ 18,49
£ 15,16
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Weight [kg] 0,3
  • Packaging length [cm] 7,1
  • Packaging width [cm] 7,1
  • Packaging height [cm] 6,0
  • Condition  New
Oil Filter, differential (MAXGEAR, 26-1434) -18%
Oil Filter, differential | MAXGEAR 26-1434 Article №: 26-1434
MAXGEAR Oil Filter, differential 26-1434
£ 21,99
£ 18,03
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Fitting Position Rear Axle
  • Filter type Filter Insert, with housing cover
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2 with seal ring
  • Drive Type All-wheel Drive
  • Condition  New
Repair Kit, differential (LuK, 462 0148 10) -18%
Repair Kit, differential | LuK 462 0148 10 Article №: 462 0148 10
LuK Repair Kit, differential 462 0148 10
£ 132,99
£ 109,05
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Mounting, differential MT for left-hand drive vehicles (FEBEST, MAB-CU20DM2) -18%
Mounting, differential | FEBEST MAB-CU20DM2 Article №: MAB-CU20DM2
FEBEST Mounting, differential MAB-CU20DM2
£ 17,99
£ 14,75
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Weight [kg] 0,19
  • Packaging length [cm] 5,8
  • Packaging width [cm] 4,5
  • Packaging height [cm] 4,5
  • Condition  New
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