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Silencer is an important structural component of the exhaust system. Functioning of the modern car is impossible without this car part. The silencer has several functions. First, it reduces the noise level of exhaust gases. Secondly, it converts the energy of exhaust gases and reduces their speed, temperature and pulse. That exhaust gases that leave the engine cylinders have high pressure. But the movement of gases in the exhaust system creates sound waves that spread faster than gas. The muffler also converts into thermal energy sound vibrations, thereby reducing the noise level to a desired one. At the same time this creates pressure in the exhaust system that reduces engine power.

In order to reduce noise level, there are used multiple technologies, such as expansion of the flow, changing the flow direction, the interference of sound waves and the absorption of sound waves. The flow expands using multiple chambers of different sizes, which are separated by partitions. This effectively suppresses low-frequency sound waves. Flux depression and expansion in the muffler is possible due to diaphragm hole or throttle. It is also worth noting that in addition to straight silencers, car muffler includes changing the direction of flow of exhaust gases, which allows reducing medium-and high-frequency sound waves.

To date, in cars there are set from one to five silencers. As a rule, there are two silencers. That silencer, which is located closer to the engine, is a pre-muffler or resonator, followed by the main or rear muffler. It is important to remember that each specific set of mufflers corresponds to an individual car model. When the silencer fails, do not hurry to order the spare part in the car workshop. It will be far cheaper and faster to order this part in our online shop. It is the place where you will always find brake discs, exhaust valve or distributor rotor.

What you need to know about resonator replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

The exhaust system resonator doesn’t have a strictly limited lifetime; the component is replaced in case of breakdown. Common defects of the middle silencer are clogging, thermal, mechanical damages and corrosion.

There are the following defect signs of the component: worsening of exhaust system work, increased fuel consumption, lowering of engine power, increased noise during engine operation, particularly, unusual rattling from the exhaust pipe. Resonator depressurization is characterized by appearance of exhaust gases from under the car bottom.

Diagnostics of the auxiliary silencer defects includes its examination. The procedure is performed after the engine cools down. For examination you need to set the car on a lift platform or an inspection pit and check integrity of the component. If you find perforation, deformation, rust signs or condensate appearance in the resonator, the component is to be replaced. Moreover, exhaust gases coming from the middle silencer part with the running engine signalise that the component is defective.

In order to replace the silencer resonator you need to set the car on a lift platform, unscrew bolts and remove the clamp which fastens the component to the main silencer. Then you should disconnect pipes and remove the metal seal. Loosen fastenings connecting the resonator and the catalyst converter and then remove the faulty component. Unit assembling is performed in reverse order. Installing a new component, ensure there are no gaps in the connection place of the resonator and the silencer.

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