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The function of the collector of a vehicle's engine consists in collecting certain air masses of various components and compartments. There are two types of collectors: intake manifold and exhaust manifold. The intake manifold collects air masses in order to direct them into the vehicle's combustion chamber. This part is usually manufactured from very durable plastic or even light metals. The exhaust manifold relates to the exhaust system. It is located right on the top of any vehicle's engine and connects the header pipe with the internal-combustion engine.

Generally, manifolds are manufactured from high-grade cast iron, consequently it can resist to high thermal load. But namely serious loads consolidated with external factors' influence lead to manifold malfunctions. The progress of the exhaust silencer's defects always lead to malfunctions not only of the engine, but of the entire exhaust system. Additional features, meant by the removal of the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber, consist in the fact that this element contributes to blow off and refilling of the chamber. The exhaust manifold works in very adverse conditions, which affect it not the best way. For example, corrosion processes develop with a sharp temperature drop. All these factors determine the periodic necessity of repair or even timely replacement of the manifold.

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What you need to know about exhaust manifold replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

The engine exhaust manifold has no certain lifetime limit specified by the manufacturer. The part requires replacement because of corrosion, thermal and mechanical damages, deformation.

The main sign of exhaust manifold defect is foreign sound in the engine compartment. There also can be troubled engine start, appearance of exhaust gases smell in the passenger compartment and increasing of fuel consumption. Sometimes black smoke comes from the exhaust pipe during driving at high speed.

Service station specialists can diagnose component depressurization having set the car onto a lifting platform and checked exhaust system work at the started engine. If the component is defective, then damaged places will leak and get characteristic dark colour.

To replace the exhaust manifold you should also make use of service station services because engine maintenance works require significant experience. Specialists will demount the air intake, unscrew fasteners that attach the component to the cylinder block and the exhaust pipe, after this they remove the broken down manifold. Then they install a new component hermetically and perform assembling. Replacement of the exhaust manifold gasket will be performed at the same time.

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  • for OE number 070253031F
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