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Exhaust manifold gaskets: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace exhaust manifold gaskets

The exhaust manifold gaskets have no specified operational lifetime limit. Their replacement is performed at burning-out, mechanical damage or total destruction. Also a new gasket is installed during repair or replacement of the manifold.

The main cause of destruction and burning-out of the gaskets is high temperature, which is constantly affecting them. Installation of a new exhaust manifold and, consequently, new gaskets, can become necessary, for example, after impact during a road accident.

Defectiveness of the exhaust manifold gasket is indicated by such signs as: smell of burnt gases in the passenger compartment, abnormal sounds from the engine compartment at the running engine. Moreover, failures with engine start can take place, and black smoke can appear in exhaust gases at its operation at high rpm.

During replacement of the gasket it is important to thoroughly clean the area where the manifold adheres to the cylinder head and remove all parts of the old seal. If carbon deposit is formed on these places, it should be removed.

Assess condition of the pins, with the help of which the manifold is fastened to the engine, and replace them if necessary.

How to select exhaust manifold gaskets

The items are produced of steel-reinforced asbestos, copper, Paronite, steel. The latter material is the most popular: it is notable for longevity and is commonly used for manufacturing of the standard parts. Also there are gaskets made of two materials, for instance, steel and Paronite.

High-quality gaskets of the exhaust manifold are produced by many reliable manufacturers. Elring, Vegaz, HJS, Vaico, Bosal are among them.

Shape and size of the products depend on the brand, model and design of the car, as well as on engine main parameters: type, displacement and power. The gaskets differ by size, thickness, and shape and quantity of holes. They should precisely comply with the configuration of the manifold which is installed in your car.

Also the gaskets vary by type, size and quantity of fasteners. Take into account that in some cars you need to install special gaskets with a heat-resistant shield.

Exhaust manifold gasket at low cost: Top Spares

Gasket, exhaust manifold Stainless Steel (REINZ, 71-34834-00) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | REINZ 71-34834-00 Article №: 71-34834-00
REINZ Gasket, exhaust manifold 71-34834-00
£ 18,49
£ 14,42
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Condition  New
Gasket, exhaust manifold (ELRING, 504.380) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | ELRING 504.380 Article №: 504.380
ELRING Gasket, exhaust manifold 504.380
£ 4,99
£ 3,89
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Gasket, exhaust manifold Stainless Steel (REINZ, 71-39421-00) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | REINZ 71-39421-00 Article №: 71-39421-00
REINZ Gasket, exhaust manifold 71-39421-00
£ 7,99
£ 6,23
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Thickness [mm] 1,80
  • Gasket Design Multilayer Steel (MLS)
  • Condition  New
Gasket, exhaust manifold Metal (JP GROUP, 1119604500) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | JP GROUP 1119604500 Article №: 1119604500
JP GROUP Gasket, exhaust manifold 1119604500
£ 1,49
£ 1,16
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material Metal
  • Condition  New
Gasket, exhaust manifold Left (REINZ, 71-27898-20) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | REINZ 71-27898-20 Article №: 71-27898-20
REINZ Gasket, exhaust manifold 71-27898-20
£ 2,49
£ 1,94
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Gasket, exhaust manifold (PAYEN, JC702) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | PAYEN JC702 Article №: JC702
PAYEN Gasket, exhaust manifold JC702
£ 2,99
£ 2,33
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Gasket, exhaust manifold YH,YK AP inner (AJUSA, 13002000) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | AJUSA 13002000 Article №: 13002000
AJUSA Gasket, exhaust manifold 13002000
£ 2,49
£ 1,94
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Thickness [mm] 1,5
  • Length [mm] 82
  • Width [mm] 40
  • Weight [g] 6,481
  • Condition  New
Gasket, exhaust manifold Syncro All-wheel Drive (ELRING, 815.187) -22%
Gasket, exhaust manifold | ELRING 815.187 Article №: 815.187
ELRING Gasket, exhaust manifold 815.187
£ 1,99
£ 1,55
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
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