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Front muffler: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace front muffler

Manufacturers do not specify exact operational limit for this component. Replacement of the front muffler is performed at its mechanical and thermal damages or at appearance of corrosion. Also the part is replaced because of breakage or other significant defects of connection flanges.

Traces of corrosion on the part outer side occur as a result of constant contact with moisture, on the inner one – as a result of condensed water accumulation due to heated exhaust gases. The cause of part burning-out can be usage of poor-quality fuel or ingress of gasoline into the exhaust system. Mechanical damages of the pre-silencer are usually consequences of impact, for example, at careless parking.

The specific signs of component defectiveness are intense roaring from under the bonnet or car bottom, burnt smell in the passenger compartment. Loosening of connection elements of the part, or burning out of the inner walls can be indicated by rattling metallic sound and noticeable vibration.

It is recommended to apply to a service station for replacement of the part, as this procedure presupposes usage of a lifting device.

Gaskets, sealing ring and fastening elements should be replaced during installation of a new muffler.

How to select front muffler

The mufflers in the front car part are made of various materials. As a rule, it is a conventional, stainless, or aluminized steel. Most of all, the components are made of aluminized steel, as this material has the best corrosion resistance.

Longevity of the components greatly depends on their manufacturers. For instance, high-quality parts are produced under Eberspacher, Walker, Vegaz, MTS, Bosal brands.

During selection of the pre-silencer you should take into account not only main car parameters, such as the engine type, transmission type and availability of catalyst, but also whether it is a left- or right-hand-drive car. Moreover, size of the component: length, diameter, and its weight are no less important. They will mostly depend on the car brand, model and body type.

Front silencer at low cost: Top Spares

Front Silencer GU for vehicles without catalytic convertor (BOSAL, 233-309) -22%
Front Silencer | BOSAL 233-309 Article №: 233-309
BOSAL Front Silencer 233-309
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Front Silencer (POLMO, 04.317) -22%
Front Silencer | POLMO 04.317 Article №: 04.317
POLMO Front Silencer 04.317
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Front Silencer (POLMO, 05.64) -22%
Front Silencer | POLMO 05.64 Article №: 05.64
POLMO Front Silencer 05.64
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Front Silencer for vehicles with catalytic converter (BOSAL, 154-399) -22%
Front Silencer | BOSAL 154-399 Article №: 154-399
BOSAL Front Silencer 154-399
£ 59,49
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Front Silencer for vehicles without catalytic convertor (ERNST, 142014) -22%
Front Silencer | ERNST 142014 Article №: 142014
ERNST Front Silencer 142014
£ 30,49
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  • Quality LONGLIFE
  • Length [mm] 800
  • Weight [kg] 3,01
  • Condition  New
Front Silencer AEH Manual Transmission (EBERSPÄCHER, 702.3.002) -22%
Front Silencer | EBERSPÄCHER 702.3.002 Article №: 702.3.002
EBERSPÄCHER Front Silencer 702.3.002
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  • Weight [kg] 4
  • Length [mm] 767
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Front Silencer CAAC Caravelle Front (WALKER, 23200) -22%
Front Silencer | WALKER 23200 Article №: 23200
WALKER Front Silencer 23200
£ 100,49
£ 78,38
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  • Weight [kg] 7,280
  • Length [mm] 870
  • Technical Information Number 52
  • Condition  New
Front Silencer Front (POLMO, 04.314) -22%
Front Silencer | POLMO 04.314 Article №: 04.314
POLMO Front Silencer 04.314
£ 33,49
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  • Fitting Position Front
  • Condition  New
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