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Internal combustion engine requires a cooling system in order to prevent damage and breakage caused by high temperatures. Almost all cars use liquid cooling. As a coolant a mixture of antifreeze and water is used. This prevents its freezing at low ambient temperatures. Water coolant is located in front and consists mostly of aluminium. In old cars it is made of brass. Air flow provides cooling of the fluid. The fan provides necessary air supply when the car is in the stationary state and at low speed.

The water pump pumps the coolant into the cooling circuit. Engine cooling system is controlled by a thermostat that controls the valve. When the temperature exceeds a certain mark (about 75 ° C), the valve opens. If this is not sufficient and the temperature reaches the following limit (90 ° C), the fan starts. The system includes an expansion tank to control the expansion of the coolant when the temperature increases.

Damage of the cooling system often affects the density of the coolant. If there remain sports under the car, it is necessary to search the leakage. If the temperature reaches the red mark, stop the car immediately to avoid engine damage. You can continue driving when the temperature downs.

The engine heat is also used to heat the vehicle. With the help of the heat exchanger heat is used to heat the air. Internal unit fan feeds warm air to the car salon. The heating system works particularly fast when using air circulation. The air from the salon then passes the same way through the heat exchanger. Since this secondary air has a higher temperature than the air in the street, the heating process is accelerated.

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Water Pump with seal (RIDEX, 1260W0002) -21%
Water Pump | RIDEX 1260W0002 Article №: 1260W0002
Water Pump from RIDEX - № 1260W0002
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  • Operating Mode Mechanical
  • Housing Type without housing
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with seal
  • Condition  New
Expansion Tank, coolant without sealing cover, with sensor (AUTOMEGA, 160057110) -21%
Expansion Tank, coolant | AUTOMEGA 160057110 Article №: 160057110
Expansion Tank, coolant from AUTOMEGA - № 160057110
£ 10,99**
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  • Supplementary Article/Info 2 without sealing cover, with sensor
  • Material Plastic
  • Heating/Cooling with coolant level switch connection
  • Condition  New
Radiator, engine cooling 440x435, Aluminium, Plastic (ABAKUS, 004-017-0016) -21%
Radiator, engine cooling | ABAKUS 004-017-0016 Article №: 004-017-0016
Radiator, engine cooling from ABAKUS - № 004-017-0016
£ 55,99**
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incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Core Dimensions 440x435
  • Material Aluminium, Plastic
  • Transmission Type Manual Transmission
  • Vehicle Equipment for vehicles without air conditioning, for vehicles with/without air conditioning
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Condition  New
Water Pump with lid, with gaskets/seals (VALEO, 506019) -21%
Water Pump | VALEO 506019 Article №: 506019
Water Pump from VALEO - № 506019
£ 24,99**
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  • Pulleys without belt pulley
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2 with lid
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with gaskets/seals
  • Weight [kg] 0,879
  • Condition  New
Expansion Tank, coolant with sensor (FEBI BILSTEIN, 37324) -21%
Expansion Tank, coolant | FEBI BILSTEIN 37324 Article №: 37324
Expansion Tank, coolant from FEBI BILSTEIN - № 37324
£ 14,99**
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  • Supplementary Article/Info 2 with sensor
  • Number of connectors 2
  • Weight [kg] 0,315
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Thermostat, coolant (MAGNETI MARELLI, 352317101260) -21%
Thermostat, coolant | MAGNETI MARELLI 352317101260 Article №: 352317101260
Thermostat, coolant from MAGNETI MARELLI - № 352317101260
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Thermostat, coolant with seal, MEYLE-ORIGINAL Quality (MEYLE, 100 121 0048) -21%
Thermostat, coolant | MEYLE 100 121 0048 Article №: 100 121 0048
Thermostat, coolant from MEYLE - № 100 121 0048
£ 9,49**
£ 7,50
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Over 100 items in stock
  • Supplementary Info MEYLE-ORIGINAL Quality
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with seal
  • Temperature range to [°C] 102
  • Temperature range from [°C] 87
  • Condition  New
Thermostat, coolant (ABAKUS, 053-025-0016) -21%
Thermostat, coolant | ABAKUS 053-025-0016 Article №: 053-025-0016
Thermostat, coolant from ABAKUS - № 053-025-0016
£ 5,99**
£ 4,73
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Opening Temperature [°C] 87
  • Condition  New
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