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When and why it is necessary to replace water pump

Average operational lifetime of the part is 150 000 – 200 000 kilometers of car mileage. Premature replacement of the component can be caused by free play or jamming of the bearing, erosion of the impeller, destruction or deformation of the shaft, appearance of cracks or cavitation holes on the casing, severe corrosion.

Defectiveness of the pump is mostly caused by damaging of its seal or gasket. During this cooling liquid gets on the bearings and washes grease from them, as a result, they break down fast. Improper installation of the drive belts is also the cause of pump damaging.

As a rule, oxidation of pump elements is the result of use of poor-quality cooling liquid. Damaging of the sealed cover can be the cause for corrosion. This leads to appearance of air bubbles, promoting appearance of corrosive damage. And mechanical damages of the automotive water pump can occur due to abrupt changes of temperature or engine vibrations.

Signs of water pump defectiveness are knocking, rattling and screeching from under the bonnet and leakage of cooling liquid. Lowering of its level in the expansion tank will be indicated by the special control lamp. Moreover, quite often smell of antifreeze is noticeable in the cabin, and its traces can be visible under the car on the ground.

Replacement of the car water pump is performed at a service station as it presupposes removal of auxiliary equipment elements, and in most cases – the timing mechanism belt.

Moreover access to the component can be troubled in some cars. It is advisable to fill new cooling liquid after installation of the water pump.

How to select water pump

The pumps differ by impeller production material. Thus there are cast iron, steel and plastic elements. The parts made of cast iron have higher corrosion resistance. The plastic parts are popular due to their plasticity. The steel impellers are more common: they are cheap in production and reliable in operation.

Durability of the water pumps greatly depends on their manufacturers. High-quality products are presented in the assortment of Aisin, Airtex, Magneti Marelli, Hella, Ruville, Valeo, Triscan and others. Wear-resistant auxiliary water pumps are produced under some of the brands noted above. These components significantly increase efficiency of cooling liquid circulation.

The automotive water pumps also vary from one another by the drive type. There are parts which are driven with the help of the V belt or V-ribbed alternator belt and the components with toothed drive (from the timing belt or chain).

During purchasing it is important to take into account operation mode of the pump, its constructional features, quantity of mounting holes and diameter of the impeller, shape and thickness of its blades. Be advised that the water pumps can be sold in a kit with a seal ring and drive pulley, as well as without them. In order to purchase guaranteedly compatible part consider the brand, model, production year of the car and its engine characteristics.

Advices for our customers

How to replace water pump on your own?

In order to replace the water pump, contact a service station: installation of a new component is quite laborious and requires special equipment and certain skills. It is recommended to perform preventive replacement of the water pump simultaneously with each scheduled replacement of the belt and other drive components, averagely after 80,000 – 100,000 kilometers. But in some cases, installation of a new component may be required earlier. The most common defects, which lead to replacement of the water pump are oil seals destruction, loss of body tightness, breakdown of the bearing, loss of the impeller integrity.

How to examine water pump?

In order to check the water pump for serviceability, warm up the engine to operating temperature, and then pinch with your hand the hose which comes from the radiator. Act carefully, as liquid in the cooling system gets very hot. If while holding the hose pinched you don’t feel pulsation or it’s too weak, more detailed diagnostics of the water pump will be required. This method doesn’t always allow to define defects of the water pump, thus, it is suitable for preliminary diagnostics only. For further diagnostics the part needs to be examined. Leaks of liquid on its surface or deposits in the area of its mounting seat indicate destruction of the oil seal or cracking of the pump body. After this, you need to inspect the component bearing for presence of free play by rocking the pump drive gear with your hand. It is destruction of the bearing that often causes appearance of specific sounds during operation of the motor.

The following indirect signs help to defect failures in unit operation:

  • engine overheating;
  • humming during engine operation;
  • leakage of cooling liquid.

What is the operating principle of water pump?

The principle of water pump operation lies in usage of centrifugal force. The impeller is encased in the part body. Under the influence of the drive mechanism, the pump shaft starts rotating with impeller at a specific moment of engine operation. During rotation, liquid which is in the channels of the pump rotor is being forced from center to periphery. As a result, vacuum is generated in the pump central part, thanks to which antifreeze is sucked in; and at the edges, excessive pressure is built up, due to which working fluid moves further through the cooling system. Thus continuous circulation of antifreeze in the cooling system is ensured.

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