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The engine hood is the engine compartment lid, jutting in front of the car body, which protects the engine and other parts of the engine compartment of the car from bad influence of the external factors. Hood is attached to the body with knuckle-hinges. On passenger cars the hood opening is held by a hidden catch. On the hood are mounted the manufacturer`s logo, the air intake and the windscreen washer spray. The hood is usually covered on the inside with a special polymer or natural material that absorbs noise.

In order to protect the windshield and the very front of the car, a hood deflector is set. This is a so-called plastic screen, which repeats exactly the car hood contours. The main purpose of the hood deflector is to protect the paint in the front of the machine and the wind deflector zone. Simply put, fine particles of dirt, flies and dust caught into the upper air stream, go round the hood and the windshield and avoid contact with windscreen and hood. The deflector is even able to protect from small stones.

Many motorists are familiar with discomfort that occurs when you open a heavy hood - it needs to be lifted with your hands and then you must fit the tip of the support bar into a small seat. Pneumo-hydraulic telescopic pusher is designed especially to relieve the driver of this inconvenience. Hood will easily go up, stay safe and secured in the raised position. When closing, the hood snaps as usually.

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What you need to know about bonnet replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

The bonnet has no specified lifetime limit. The component is replaced in case of strong corrosion appearance or because of heavy deformation at which the component cannot be restored.

Component diagnostics lies in its examination. Deep dents, heavy corrosion of the surface areas are the signs pointing to the need of bonnet replacement.

In order to remove the old component stall the car and stop it with the help of the parking brake. Then open the bonnet and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Clean bonnet fixation hinges with the help of a brush. If the electronic lock is installed on the component, then disconnect it: remove the lock catch, unscrew bolts and remove the component. After this you can mount a new component having connected the electronic lock to it. Connect hinge holes with housings on the body and fix them with bolts.

When installing the bonnet you may need to adjust its position because bonnet geometry violation (even for a few millimeters) can trouble its opening. Particularly, you can adjust the bonnet by shifting hinge bolts in housings. If you don’t have experience in bonnet mounting and adjustment, then it is recommended to contact a service station.

Hood at low cost: Top Spares

Buffer, bonnet (FEBEST, MZD-BL) -23%
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BUGIAD Bonnet Lock BSP20544
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Bonnet Cable (MAXGEAR, 32-0587) -23%
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MAXGEAR Bonnet Cable 32-0587
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Bonnet Lock Lower (JP GROUP, 1187700200) -23%
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TOPRAN Bonnet Cable 104 170
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TOPRAN Bonnet Lock 107 406
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Bonnet Cable MT for left-hand drive vehicles (MAXGEAR, 32-0588) -23%
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MAXGEAR Bonnet Cable 32-0588
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