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When and why car door lock needs replacement

Lifetime limit of a car door lock is not specified by manufacturers. This component is replaced in case of corrosion damage of the lock cylinder, flip latch, stopper or other elements of the lock, and also as a result of abrasion or breakage of cylinder pins. Moreover, the car part is to be replaced in case of inner mechanical damages and if lock mechanism fastening clips got loose.

Lock corrosion is caused by ingress of moisture and dirt into the device, and pins wear-out is caused by improper usage, particularly, turning the key when the door is not completely shut. Mechanical defects inside the car part can appear as a result of attempted break in.

The following signs indicate car door lock defects: taking the key out of the keyhole is impossible, it can’t be put into the lock or gets jammed when turning the cylinder. Damage also can be detected by screeching sound at turning and the fact that the door can’t be opened or closed with the key.

Replacement of the whole lock mechanism usually requires removal of trimming and dismantling of the door. In case you don’t have experience in such repairs, it is recommended to entrust the procedure to service station specialists. Moreover, to avoid damage to the door trim and car paint, demounting and installation of the lock should be done with special tools.

How to select car door lock

According to locking mechanisms there are pin tumbler and wafer tumbler locks.

Key pins and driver pins are the basis of the first type, and spring-mounted toothed plates (wafers) - of the second. Wafer locks have smaller size but are less reliable than pin ones.

Car door locks are made of various materials. Most often it is steel, brass, aluminum alloys and plastics. The locks made of hardened steel are the most durable because they are resistant to corrosion and to influence of high and low temperatures.

Components can have central control (which allows to open and close all car doors at a time) or separate controls for each door. In this case, besides the central unit, there is an additional electronic control unit installed in each door. Most lock systems offer the possibility of remote door unlocking and locking using a remote control.

Electronic control of the lock’s mechanical part requires presence of input sensors (door contact switches and microswitches) in the component, as well as operational units (actuators).

Reliability and durability of these components mostly depend on the manufacturer. High-quality car door locks are included in the assortment of such brands as Blic, JP Group, Valeo, Metzger, Topran and others.

Buying the component you should also take into account its mounting place: on the front or rear door, on the right or left. You should take into account the control type (central or decentralized). Pay attention to component sizes (lock length, diameter and its thread pitch): it is important for correct mounting.

Door lock at low cost: Top Spares

Door Lock Right Front (RIDEX, 1361D0048) -27%
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RIDEX Door Lock 1361D0048
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  • Fitting Position Right Front
  • Left-/right-hand drive vehicles for left-hand drive vehicles
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Door Lock Right Rear, with central locking (RIDEX, 1361D0006) -27%
original Door Lock RIDEX 1361D0006 Article №: 1361D0006
RIDEX Door Lock 1361D0006
£ 30,49**
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  • Fitting Position Right Rear
  • Lock System with central locking
  • Left-/right-hand drive vehicles for left-/right-hand traffic
  • Condition  New
Door Lock Left Rear (RIDEX, 1361D0007) -27%
original Door Lock RIDEX 1361D0007 Article №: 1361D0007
RIDEX Door Lock 1361D0007
£ 32,49**
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  • Fitting Position Left Rear
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Tailgate Lock Outer (TOPRAN, 502 530) -27%
original Tailgate Lock TOPRAN 502 530 Article №: 502 530
TOPRAN Tailgate Lock 502 530
£ 25,99**
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  • Colour Black
  • Number of Poles 2
  • Fitting Position Outer
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with micro switch
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Tailgate Lock (METZGER, 2310548) -27%
original Tailgate Lock METZGER 2310548 Article №: 2310548
METZGER Tailgate Lock 2310548
£ 36,99**
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Door Lock DT Front and Rear (TOPRAN, 103 542) -27%
original Door Lock TOPRAN 103 542 Article №: 103 542
TOPRAN Door Lock 103 542
£ 1,49**
£ 1,09
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  • Outer thread [mm] M 12 x 1
  • Condition  New
Door Lock Front and Rear (JP GROUP, 1187450200) -27%
original Door Lock JP GROUP 1187450200 Article №: 1187450200
JP GROUP Door Lock 1187450200
£ 2,49**
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  • Equipment Variant Door pin
  • Fitting Position Front and Rear
  • Condition  New
Door Lock Right Front (STARK, SKDLO-2160034) -27%
original Door Lock STARK SKDLO-2160034 Article №: SKDLO-2160034
STARK Door Lock SKDLO-2160034
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  • Fitting Position Right Front
  • Comfort Package for vehicles with central locking
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