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Information - Release bearing

The clutch release bearing or throw-out bearing is quite important for the whole clutch system. It is submitted to all centrifugal loads, as well as the to the clutch system pressure. Depending on the clutch system of the vehicle, there are two different types of clutch-release bearings installed: plain or hydraulic release bearings. The service life of the clutch release bearing is difficult to determine, because it is submitted to significant loads, apart from that it turns all the time when the engine is running. Therefore, this item can get worn-out very quickly.

In most cases, the main cause of the clutch release bearing failure is the human factor. There is a category of motorists who change the transmission quite often. This is caused by the fact that the driver does not remove his foot from the clutch pedal when the transmission is off. And this is the main reason for bearing failure of the clutch system. A sign of wear-out of the clutch release bearing is noise while pressing the clutch pedal.

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What you need to know about clutch release bearing replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

In normal car operation conditions lifetime limit of the clutch release bearing is averagely 100 000 – 120 000 kilometers of mileage. Apart from wear-out, the part is replaced at mechanical damages of the mounting seat, and appearance of cracks and shears on the rings or the rolling elements. Moreover, the clutch release bearing may be jammed.

The main signs of part defect are noise (swishing, whistling) or vibrations, appearing when a driver presses the clutch pedal to the end. Full destruction of the bearing results in total breakdown of the clutch.

It is necessary to apply to a service station for part replacement. This procedure presupposes demounting of the gearbox. For this a lifting platform or a servicing pit is required. Also, during replacement of the bearing special+ists will inspect other clutch elements: the disc, the cover and the flywheel. These parts will be replaced as a whole kit if necessary.

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Releaser (LuK, 500 0035 10) -28%
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Releaser not for sequential manual transmission (LuK, 500 0757 10) -28%
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