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Information - Speedometer cable

Speedometer cable: replacement and selection

When and why it is necessary to replace speedometer cable

Manufacturers don’t specify a service life of this car part. Speedometer cable replacement is performed in case of its breakage, surface abrasion, appearance of kinks, bends, dents and also after deformation or breakdown of fasteners that attach the component to the transmission or speedometer.

Mechanical wear-out of this car part is due to significant dynamic loads during its operation. Usually, cable breakage is caused by its installation with small bend radius and incorrect fixation of fasteners. Fasteners themselves also fail quickly in this case.

Characteristic signs of a cable defect: speedometer needle vibration, its stop or sharp random jumps. Moreover, buzzing sound can be heard from the speedometer during driving.

New component installation requires laying the cable into the car and connecting it to the speedometer. This procedure is recommended to be entrusted to service station specialists because the dashboard needs to be dismantled before installation.

How to select speedometer cable

The speedometer cables differ by material of the protective sheath: it can be polyurethane, plastic.

Quantity of cable coils can be different as well (usually from three to seven).

Durability of these components mostly depends on their manufacturers. High-quality speedometer cables are presented in the assortment of ABS, Cofle, JP Group, Metzger, Triscan, Febi Bilstein and other brands.

A new component should be selected according to make, model and production year of your car. You should also take into account the gearbox type. This way you will be sure that the cable length and type of fasteners will fit. They can differ significantly by size and shape. Moreover, you should also consider the quantity of speedometer drive gear teeth: it is important for correct component installation.

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