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Fuel filters, mounted on automobile engines, represent two working successively coarse and fine filters. The function of the coarse filter is to clean the fuel from large impurities. This element is provided with a mesh filter element, which consists of a reflector and a brass grid. The filter element is mounted on a threaded hub and placed inside a housing, which is fixed on the casing with a pressure ring and a bolt. At the junction of the housing with the casing there is a seal made of a paronite gasket.

When the engine is running, fuel is fed through a tube and the valve holes into the filter, then goes down the annular gap between the reflector and the housing wall. In the surge tank are eliminated large mechanical impurities, as well as the water from the fuel. Then the fuel rises through the central opening to the filter element grid that cleans it from minor impurities.

As for the fine filter, it cleans the fuel from the smallest mechanical impurities and water. In some vehicles, there are installed two-section fine filters in which the fuel is purified in both filter elements. Apart from that, the first element can be easily washed if required, and to do this it is not necessary to completely remove the filter. You can clean the filter using the tap mounted into the filter cap. Simply unscrew the drain plug and drain the settled particles from the surface of the filter element.

Concerning the design of the fine filter, it should be noted that it is installed between the fuel pump and carburetor. This spare part consists of a body, a surge tank and the filter element itself, which is made of ceramic or fine mesh in the form of a roll. Fuel filters get faulty not very often, because this element, just like other filters, should be replaced after a certain run for each vehicle.

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What is necessary to know about fuel filter replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

It is recommended to perform replacement of the primary fuel filter every 60 000 – 80 000 operational kilometers. Lifetime limit of the fine fuel filter is about 20 000 – 30 000 operational kilometers. Moreover, mostly on diesel engines, lifetime limit of the component is shorter than that on petrol ones.

Common defects of the component are soiling or damaging of the filtering element. Necessity of fuel filter replacement is indicated by lowered power and unstable engine operation, increased fuel consumption, noise during fuel pump operation. Sometimes the engine stalls and do not start up. If the indicator for fuel filter clogging is included, it will set corresponding signal if necessary.

For visual inspection of filter condition you need to apply to a service station. Specialists will demount the part and inspect it for soiling, damages of the filtering element and housing deformation.

Replacement of the fuel filter should be performed at a car service station, as works with the fuel system require high qualification. Specialists will disconnect fuel hoses from the component, unscrew filter fasteners and remove it. A new part is installed according to the markings on the housing indicating fuel flow direction.

Our customers ask

How to replace fuel filter? Where is it located?

Replacement of the fuel filter should be entrusted to professionals as the part is usually located in an hardly accessible place so it is quite difficult to perform its demounting yourself. Moreover, after finishing works it is important to properly fill the filter with fuel and bleed the fuel system. Usually, in modern cars there are two fuel filters installed: the coarse mesh filter and the fine filter. This is true for the cars which operate on gasoline and for diesel models. The coarse mesh filter is designated for stopping large pollutants and it is always mounted in the fuel tank. The fine filter stops smallest particles and may be located in the fuel tank, as well as under the bonnet or the car bottom, before or after the fuel pump.

When is it necessary to replace fuel filter?

The fuel filters in the cars operating on diesel fuel should be replaced during every scheduled oil replacement – on the average, after 10,000 – 15,000 kilometers of mileage. In the cars with petrol engines the components maintain operability longer: they should be replaced during every second or third oil replacement, averagely after 20,000 – 30,000 kilometers traveled. Unscheduled installation of a new fuel filter should be performed in case, if you noticed increase of fuel consumption, lowering of engine power, worsening of car dynamics or other signs pointing out breakdown of this element.

Which fuel filter is better to install on your car?

In your car it is better to install the filters of such manufacturers as Bosch, Champion, Febi Bilstein, Filtron, Knecht, Stark Professional Line, Magneti Marelli, Ridex, Delphi, Mahle Original, Mann-filter, Mapco, Swag, Topran, Vaico and Valeo. Products of these companies are notable for high quality and will serve you for a continuous time period. In addition, it is important to select the components in accordance with vehicle technical requirement. For example, for diesel-operated engines the fuel filters may perform moisture disengagement function apart from cleaning of fuel from contaminants.

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Fuel filter 136mm (RIDEX, 9F0007) -28%
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Fuel filter In-Line Filter, 250,5mm (MAHLE ORIGINAL, KL 169/4D) -28%
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MAHLE ORIGINAL Fuel filter KL 169/4D
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  • Height [mm] 250,5
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  • Height [in] 10,04
  • Width [inch] 2,36
  • Length [in] 2,36
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Fuel filter Filter Insert (DELPHI, HDF939) -28%
original Fuel filter DELPHI HDF939 Article №: HDF939
DELPHI Fuel filter HDF939
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  • Filter type Filter Insert
  • Length [mm] 121
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Fuel filter Screw-on Filter, In-Line Filter, 144mm (BOSCH, F 026 402 862) -28%
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BOSCH Fuel filter F 026 402 862
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  • Filter type Screw-on Filter, In-Line Filter
  • Height [mm] 144
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Fuel filter Filter Insert, 150mm (BOSCH, 1 457 070 014) -28%
original Fuel filter BOSCH 1 457 070 014 Article №: 1 457 070 014
BOSCH Fuel filter 1 457 070 014
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  • Filter type Filter Insert
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Fuel filter Filter Insert, 92mm (VALEO, 587902) -28%
original Fuel filter VALEO 587902 Article №: 587902
VALEO Fuel filter 587902
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  • Height [mm] 92
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  • Condition  New
Fuel filter Filter Insert, 120mm (VALEO, 587913) -28%
original Fuel filter VALEO 587913 Article №: 587913
VALEO Fuel filter 587913
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  • Filter type Filter Insert
  • Height [mm] 120
  • Diameter [mm] 70,5
  • Inner diameter 2 [mm] 19,5
  • Weight [kg] 0,17
  • Condition  New
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