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Ignition system serves to ignite the working mixture in the cylinders of petrol car engines. There are several requirements to the ignition system. For example, it must provide a spark in the right cylinder in accordance with the order of the cylinders. One more requirement is to provide a timely moment of ignition.

Spark must also occur during the ignition according to the best timing angle of the engine, depending on the speed and load on it, under the given conditions. The spark must have enough ignition energy. The amount of energy required for reliable ignition of the working mixture is caused by several factors: density, composition and temperature of the mixture. But the main condition for the ignition system is its reliability that is continuous sparking ensuring.

Malfunction of the ignition system leads to malfunctions during start-up and when the engine is operating. These are irregularity of the engine operation or its stoppage when passing the sparking in cylinder or several cylinders, difficulty or impossibility of starting the engine, as well as malfunction of other electronic systems in the car. In modern engines there is installed one coil per one single plug. And the coil is made in the form of caps, combining high-voltage transformer with a power control key. This eliminates distributor and high-voltage wires use.

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What is necessary to know about ignition cables replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

High-voltage cables of the ignition system have no specified lifetime limit, they should be replaced upon necessity.

The most common defects of the cables are connected with damaged current-conducting core and insulation. Also parts stop working properly due to oxidised or thermally damaged contacts.

Necessity of high-voltage ignition cables replacement can be noticed by unstable engine operation, troubled start in moist weather and increased fuel consumption. The engine stalls, its power lowers, jerks are noticeable when pressing accelerator pedal.

Diagnostics of the ignition cables should be performed at a service station. Specialists will measure resistance of the components with the help of a multimeter. To do so, the high-voltage cable is disconnected from the ignition coil and the spark plug, then connected to the unit contacts. Received data is compared with allowable values, provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement of the parts is also performed at a service station. During replacement of the ignition cables kit, tips are removed from the spark plug isolators, moving the cables aside. Then, defective wires are sequentially disconnected from the ignition distributor cover, and new parts are installed.

Ignition leads at low cost: Top Spares

Ignition Cable Kit 5 (NGK, 0941) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit NGK 0941 Article №: 0941
NGK Ignition Cable Kit 0941
£ 50,49**
£ 36,86
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Ignition Cable Copper Ignition Cable
  • Number of circuits 5
  • Connector type M4
  • Colour Black
  • Vehicle Equipment for vehicles with distributor
  • Condition  New
Ignition Cable Kit (BOSCH, 0 986 356 333) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit BOSCH 0 986 356 333 Article №: 0 986 356 333
BOSCH Ignition Cable Kit 0 986 356 333
£ 69,49**
£ 50,73
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Connector type M4, SAE, DIN
  • for cable Ø [mm] 7
  • Condition  New
Ignition Cable (BERU, 7MMSRED) -27%
original Ignition Cable BERU 7MMSRED Article №: 7MMSRED
BERU Ignition Cable 7MMSRED
£ 9,99**
£ 7,29
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Product line COPPER CABLE
  • Colour Red
  • Material Copper, Silicone
  • Temperature range to [°C] 220
  • Quantity Unit Reel, Metre
  • Voltage from [V] 38000
  • DIN / ISO 3808
  • Quality/ Grade F
  • Length [m] 1
  • Condition  New
Ignition Cable Kit DS (JP GROUP, 1192000610) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit JP GROUP 1192000610 Article №: 1192000610
JP GROUP Ignition Cable Kit 1192000610
£ 18,99**
£ 13,86
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Length [mm] 430, 530
  • Length 3 [mm] 620
  • Length 4 [mm] 730
  • Cable Length [mm] 670
  • Resistance [kOhm] 5
  • Condition  New
Ignition Cable Kit (TESLA, T092B) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit TESLA T092B Article №: T092B
TESLA Ignition Cable Kit T092B
£ 24,99**
£ 18,24
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Ignition Cable Kit 5 (BERU, ZEF561) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit BERU ZEF561 Article №: ZEF561
BERU Ignition Cable Kit ZEF561
£ 48,49**
£ 35,40
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Length [mm] 284, 384
  • Length 3 [mm] 444
  • Length 4 [mm] 584
  • Length 5 [mm] 599
  • Number of circuits 5
  • Ignition Coil Connector Type, saw teeth
  • Distributor/ Rotor Connector Type, saw teeth
  • Spark Plug Connector Type M4
  • DIN / ISO C
  • Condition  New
Ignition Cable at steering cylinder (BOSCH, 0 356 912 948) -27%
original Ignition Cable BOSCH 0 356 912 948 Article №: 0 356 912 948
BOSCH Ignition Cable 0 356 912 948
£ 20,99**
£ 15,32
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Ignition Cable Kit (MAGNETI MARELLI, 941319170052) -27%
original Ignition Cable Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 941319170052 Article №: 941319170052
MAGNETI MARELLI Ignition Cable Kit 941319170052
£ 34,99**
£ 25,54
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Over 100 items in stock
  • Number of connectors 5
  • Condition  New
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