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In motor industry hoses carry a set of functions. The general definition of this part is quite simple. It is a hollow tube, which is necessary for the movement of substances (usually it is liquid) from one point to another. Often hoses are called pipes, but there is difference between them in material hardness and flexibility. Hose has a shape of a cylinder or a cross section ring. Moreover, hoses have a lot of functions in the car.

As for cars, hoses are intended to transport grease and fuel. For example, the brake hose is used to transmit braking force to the hydraulic cylinders, which are located in the wheels. The pressure in the hose is of hundreds of atmospheres. Clutch hose is a special high-pressure hose that connects the individual components of the clutch. Also do not forget about the hoses, which play an important role in the cooling system. One of very commonly used hoses is a corrugated hose. It is a bellows, which is made of stainless steel. The main function of this hose is to connect vacuum units.

Unfortunately, the hoses in the car are often damaged. They can be pinched or crack because of the temperature difference. In this case, if you want to replace the hose by yourself, you should use the instructions to the vehicle. Another option is to appeal to experienced foremen in the service station. But if you want to save on replacement, do not forget to buy spare car parts in advance.

All the more that thanks to our online store it is very simple to do. It is only important to know what part you need: throttle sensor, shock absorber or cylinder head bolt. Select the required part from the list, specify the make and model of your car and the order will be delivered to you in a few days.

What is necessary to know about vehicle hoses replacement: lifetime limits, common defects and their signs, tips and recommendations

Usually, manufacturers do not specify an exact operational lifetime for car hoses. These parts require replacement at such defects as, deformations, cracks, dents and significant abrasion of the top layer, corrosion of the fitting, electrochemical degradation, thermal damaging, clogging.

Smell of burning, oil, cooling liquid, fuel or braking liquid, depending on the system the damaged part belongs to, can indicate defectiveness of the automotive hoses. Also, efficiency of corresponding system may worsen. Diagnostics of the components presupposes its visual inspection. Any defects or traces of leakages, detected during inspection, indicate necessity of hose replacement.

If hoses of the steering control system, the fuel hose, the air intake duct, the clutch hose or any other similar part are to be replaced, algorithm of old part dismounting and installation of a new one will be different. Replacement of the components is directly connected to vehicle driving safety, that is why this procedure should be entrusted to car service station specialists.

During installation of the hoses, if it is the air filter duct, the oil hose or others, no greasing materials or sealing compounds are to be applied. This is important for observing the proper tightening torque of the connections, and, as a consequence, proper installation of the component in the system. Protective anti-corrosion compounds can be used only after hoses installation.

Hoses at low cost: Top Spares

Radiator Hose EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber), Plastic, Right (FEBI BILSTEIN, 49252) -28%
original Radiator Hose FEBI BILSTEIN 49252 Article №: 49252
FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 49252
£ 19,49**
£ 14,03
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber), Plastic
  • Fitting Position Right
  • Length [mm] 121
  • Cooling Hose from engine to thermostat
  • Weight [kg] 0,113
  • Condition  New
Radiator Hose Rubber with textile reinforcement (TOPRAN, 100 215) -28%
original Radiator Hose TOPRAN 100 215 Article №: 100 215
TOPRAN Radiator Hose 100 215
£ 4,99**
£ 3,59
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material Rubber with textile reinforcement
  • Cooling Hose from engine to water pump
  • Condition  New
Radiator Hose Lower Right (FEBI BILSTEIN, 27460) -28%
original Radiator Hose FEBI BILSTEIN 27460 Article №: 27460
FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 27460
£ 9,49**
£ 6,83
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Fitting Position Lower Right
  • Cooling Hose from thermostat to radiator
  • Weight [kg] 0,235
  • Inner diameter 2 [mm] 41,5, 40,5
  • Condition  New
Radiator Hose Plastic, Elastomer, Upper Left (FEBI BILSTEIN, 32599) -28%
original Radiator Hose FEBI BILSTEIN 32599 Article №: 32599
FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 32599
£ 21,49**
£ 15,47
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material Plastic, Elastomer
  • Fitting Position Upper Left
  • Cooling Hose from thermostat to radiator
  • Weight [kg] 0,265
  • Condition  New
Connection Piece, coolant line Original VAICO Quality (VAICO, V30-2633) -28%
original Connection Piece, coolant line VAICO V30-2633 Article №: V30-2633
VAICO Connection Piece, coolant line V30-2633
£ 26,49**
£ 19,07
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Supplementary Info Original VAICO Quality
  • Weight [kg] 0,4462
  • Packaging width [cm] 16,2
  • Packaging height [cm] 18,2
  • Packaging Depth [cm] 18,7
  • Condition  New
Radiator Hose for vehicles with automatic transmission (JP GROUP, 1114301100) -28%
original Radiator Hose JP GROUP 1114301100 Article №: 1114301100
JP GROUP Radiator Hose 1114301100
£ 3,49**
£ 2,51
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Cooling Hose from oil cooler to water pipe
  • Condition  New
Seal Ring, coolant tube CAVA; CNWB (SWAG, 30 92 9752) -28%
original Seal Ring, coolant tube SWAG 30 92 9752 Article №: 30 92 9752
SWAG Seal Ring, coolant tube 30 92 9752
£ 0,99**
£ 0,71
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Thickness [mm] 4,0
  • Inner diameter [mm] 32,0
  • Colour Black
  • Material Elastomer
  • Weight [kg] 0,001
  • Condition  New
Radiator Hose EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber), Upper Right (Metalcaucho, 00116) -28%
original Radiator Hose Metalcaucho 00116 Article №: 00116
Metalcaucho Radiator Hose 00116
£ 5,49**
£ 3,95
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
Over 100 items in stock
  • Material EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber)
  • Fitting Position Upper Right
  • Diameter [mm] 15
  • Inner diameter [mm] 8
  • Weight [g] 156
  • Weight [kg] 0,157
  • Length [m] 15
  • Operating Pressure [bar] 5
  • Quantity Unit Reel, Metre
  • Warn Pressure [bar] 8
  • Condition  New
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