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HEADLIGHT Right (TYC 20-6243-05-2)

Headlight Right (TYC 20-6243-05-2)
Suitable for VW
TYC Spare: Headlight Bulb Type: H7 / H7 Article №: 20-6243-05-2
Article №: 20-6243-05-2
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  • Fitting Position Right
  • Bulb Type H7 / H7
  • Vehicle Equipment for vehicles with headlamp levelling (electric)
  • Left-hand / Right-hand Traffic for right-hand traffic
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info without electric motor
  • Registration Type E-type checked
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£ 73,49
£ 57,32
incl. 20% VAT, Shipping
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Suitable vehicles
  • VW
    • Passat B5 GP Saloon 3BG, 3B3 (Year of Construction 11.2000 - 05.2005)
    • Passat B5 GP Estate 3BG, 3B6 (Year of Construction 11.2000 - 08.2005)
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Advantages of TYC Headlight

20-6243-05-2 TYC headlights have the same dimensions as the original headlights.

Firm mounts ensure reliable attachment of the components to the mounting seats.

Close fitting of construction parts with quality seals ensure the housing tightness, and protect inner elements from dirt and moisture.

The components feature increased light output and ensure excellent visibility in any weather.

Due to the increased service life, using 20-6243-05-2 TYC headlights is not only convenient, but also profitable.

You can order them from us with a 22% discount.

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